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It takes the right combination of qualities to make a great product specifier and face to face marketer; first and foremost; dedication. Our specifying staff are dedicated to nurturing projects and professional project specifier individuals; helping them learn about products, trends, suppliers, etc; and in turn to be kept up to date on projects currently in design.

Experience and Knowledge

Our diverse staff of specifiers come with extensive backgrounds in marketing and specifying products, as well as project research; providing a wonderful blend of experience and knowledge. All specifiers are provided with product and industry training which is updated from time to time. In addition, our staff has various opportunities for professional development.

Extensive Network of Products

One of the benefits of this service is the ability it gives us to contain industry relationships and company costs saving. Our extensive network of products incorporating manufacturers, installers, professional services, combined with our unique tools, mean you enjoy peace of mind on a day-to-day basis that your service is unique and professional.

portfolio of product choices

We have more than 15 700 specifiers on our database and a portfolio of product choices. Specilink offers you a monthly retainer charge only. No other costs to you. No charge to industry specifiers. Being identified by Specilink as a potential client, you have the opportunity to join Specilink, the leading specifying company that both encourages and rewards leads on potential business.

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