Gerhard Potgieter

What our clients are saying ...

Hi Mandie,

Trust you are well. I would like to start off by mentioning that Santavi is very excited and proud of this weeks achievement by signing a LOA valued at R2.82 million deal which we will be engaging in the next few weeks well into next year completing it.

This is a tremendous turn around for our company and growth we so desperately need to achieve our long term goals.

I sincerely would like to take you through the steps and show you how important it was for Specilink and Santavi working together being persistent in achieving the goal.

We joined Specilink in the month of April 2018. We were quite excited to work with the Speci-Team and the energy they had to nudge us forward and start generating leads to work with. I received as per norm a lead from the old Specilink CRM online, didn’t think much off it and were just perusing all leads not realizing it will be the opportunity to create what we really can achieve in a short period of time. It was not easy then trying to understand how the concept works of creating possibilities that will work for our company and take us a level up.

The lead in question was an awarded tender at the time in April when we received and joined Specilink. We mailed the clients main QS of the project as the contact person to get a hold off. We had no response from her and left it for two weeks, people are busy right!!! We mailed her again asking for drawings on our specific work needed as we could see the construction period showed the closing time frames on the project is getting closer. I decided to phone the QS rather and inquire if we still have a opportunity to present a quotation on possible work allocated to us in what we specialize in.. We did not get a hold of her immediately and contacted her again and finally got to speak with her in the following week. I Introduced Santavi to her and mentioned that we recieved her information from Mandie Klopper at Specilink and that we would like to present a costing on the project.

The QS gave us hope and said there is still time to present a quotation and that we should phone the Architect for relevant drawings. We phoned the Architect the next day requiring drawings to quote on. We did not get a hold of the Architect and tried a few more times, emailing the QS again saying we can’t get a hold of the Architect. I eventually phoned Mandie and ask if she could please look into this for us as we are eager to quote on this project and how we can obtain information as we are actually ready to give up.

Mandie went step by step through the concept again with me explaining that in the pre-planning/early phase will be the Architect to make contact with and in the Awarded stage it will be already assigned to the Main contractors which can be at times the Architect, Main contractor or even the QS except for the Corporate ones. She put me in the right direction and said to phone the Main contractors in this case and they will appoint the necessary sub contactors, not the Architect for now.  I phoned the Main contractors and set up an appointment with them to do a site inspection. They did accommodate us and a site meeting was arranged. I was introduced to the Project Manager, Site Manager and the most important person to keep up to date with, the Main Contractors – QS. In the meantime I eventually got hold of the Architect and received drawings and information from her. I mentioned the same that we got the information from Specilink and would like to present costing on the project. I sent her a company profile on Mon 2018/05/14 10:27. She was excited to actually hear from us and said nobody has done costing on the project yet and a connection was formed. We spoke well over an hour discussing different options. I mentioned that we have organised an appointment already with the Main contractor to gain more clarity where the work will be done. It was important for us to gain the Architects vision on how she would like to see the aesthetic outcome of the project having a better change at getting the contract appointed to us by the main contractor. My personal opinion …

I also realized that it was vital to stay connected with the Main contractor and Architect in the next few weeks after my site visit and costings were handed in which were only sqm rates then. The project per say was not on schedule and gave us the change to get in and have time to persevere, just being consistent and mainly persistent in our friendly quiring the progress.  

I formed a professional bond with the Main Contractors QS, emails, whatsapp, and phone calls etc as well as with the Architect keeping her intrigued. Quite a bit of time went by and suddenly last week the QS said they would like us to go ahead and a Letter of Appointment with all relevant documentation will be issued as they have accepted our costing.

I would like to warm heartedly thank Mandie and the Specilink team for creating opportunities for us combined with their knowledge and understanding of the construction trade in providing the services they do for great success. I am going to be honest and say we would have not been able to get where we are still going without Specilink …

My best regards and you guys rock….

Thank you

Vriendelike Groete / Kind Regards,